Begin or expand your real estate wealth journey with us today!

Real Estate Insider VIP Club was formed to help you achieve your financial success plan by using our network of partners every step of the way.

Begin or expand your real estate wealth journey with us today!

Real Estate Insider VIP Club was formed to help you achieve your financial success plan by using our network of partners every step of the way.
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Why Become a Insider VIP Club Member?

Unlock the value in your home and turn it to cash to help you enjoy life on your terms. Inquire about your reverse mortgage today.

We help you achieve these goals by our joint venture partners, they are a carefully selected group of professionals who facilitate the real estate process and form the foundation of our real estate investment network. Combined, they have over 30 years of local experience and will work together with you and your team such as your lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, home inspectors, insurance specialists, property managers, and savvy real estate investors. It is this network that enables Real Estate Insider VIP Club to be an invaluable resource for any real estate investor, mortgage investor or first time home buyer!

Whether you belong to a real estate investment club or a real estate investment network, it is important to build your real estate team to assess, procure, protect, manage, maintain, and optimize your investment or home buying process.

Our network that we give you access to are the following: 

We are here to help you every step of the way with out the expense fees and red tape. We believe everyone should have access to the tools and listings to achieve their goals. Contact us today and let us help you!

How Real Estate Investing In Canada Works

We are your main source for new home buying, income property, property investment, real estate investment opportunities, mortgage solutions, mortgage investment options.

 Real Estate Insider VIP Club offers aspiring, institutional and seasoned real estate investors passive real estate investment opportunities, privately listed income properties, mortgage solutions, as well as investment, residential, commercial, construction, equity & private mortgage financing.

We believe in a personal real estate investing approach. To support that belief, we don’t have ‘traditional’ real estate investment club meetings, or require investors to pay membership fees, or offer expensive training and mentorship programs.

Competing for quality income properties, unsuitable mortgages products that lead to future financing roadblocks, and the lack of on-going support are common challenges for many real estate investors. Real Estate Insider VIP Club not only addresses those problems, we solve them to make real estate investing in simple and easy for you.

Real estate agents are often the first people when profitable income properties become available for sale, but before they are listed on the MLS. Usually, these properties are emailed to realtors’ private investor clients.

Your registration with Real Estate Insider VIP Club enables you to be on those VIP lists with hundreds of local realtors, mortgage agents, and reputable vendors to get access to those deals!

Our goal is to help you achieve your real estate goals such as:

  • New Home Purchase
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Investment Properties
  • Rent To Own Programs

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How does the Insider VIP Club Work?

It is a very simple process to get connected with our network of partners and resources while also getting yourself on our exclusive VIP list for local homes deals in your market!

Fill out your VIP profile

Fill out our contact form so we can get started with creating your profile and matching you with local partners in your area.

Talk with our partners and start building your plan and get access to hot real estate deals.

Once we create your profile you will be contacted by our matched partners and they will begin to build your profile plan and get the ball moving for you.

Get Approved With The Best Deals

Once your ready to go we will than get you approved and loaded with great offers and resources to begin your real estate wealth journey.

Advantages & Benefits

Best Class Of Partners For Your Journey

Our network of real estate agents, mortgage agents, lawyers, accountants etc all work with you and fight for you to ensure your real estate wealth journey is a success with maximum profit, but also providing best mortgage rates and MLS listings deals.

Air Miles Rewards

Our partnership with Citadel Mortgages allows our members to receive 1,000 Air Miles Reward Miles on all closed mortgage transactions. Citadel Mortgages is an award winning brokerage and was the first mortgage brokerage to partner with Air Miles in the mortgage brokerage space.

Retail Partner Discounts

Our partnerships allow our members to receive discounts on home furnishing and appliances with our partner The Brick, along with TV, Internet savings and promos from our partners.

Big Savings When You Use Our Network

Our members receive steep discounts or even sometimes these expenses are covered such as moving expense and home inspections and appraisals.

Our Monthly Newsletters and E-Book Collection

Our members receive some of the most regarded content to help build your knowledge throughout your real estate wealth journey.

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