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  • Earn 6-13 % Fixed Annual Interest
  • Build Stable, Secure Investment Income Long Term
  • Use Your RRSP Or Other Tax Saving Accounts To Earn Tax Free Income
  • Invest is Canada’s Strong Real Estate Market Without All The Headaches

At The Real Estate VIP Club, we help educate you on how mortgage investments can be used to invest in today’s real estate market with a lower risk then some of your typical investments. Join our seminar’s that cover’s topics and resources such as:

  • Mortgage Investing 101
  • How to use your existing registered accounts to earn tax free interest on your investments.
  • How to free up more money to leverage in other investment ares on your portfolio

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Investor Benefits Partnered With Real Estate Insider VIP Club Network :

  • Mortgages On Existing Real Estate – Our network allow our investors to invest directly in proven, existing Canadian real estate by becoming mortgage lender
  • Stable Returns For Cash Flow Income– Once funds are committed to a property, our investors have the option to receive interest only payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually based on 6-15 % return rates.
  • No Costs To You– The borrower is required to pay all the costs to have the mortgage registered against the title to their property. You our investor simply sits back and enjoys the investment return without incurring costs.
  • Capital Protection -There is low risk associated with mortgage investments. They are secured by the real estate property itself.
  • Investment Plan Eligible– RRSP, RSP,RESP,TFSA,RIF,LIF,LIRA and cash eligible investment plans. No Longer will you be unsatisfied with the performance of your registered investment portfolio and best of all the money goes back into the account tax free!
Mortgage Investments

Become a VIP Member today and enjoy the 6-13% return on your money today, even use your RRSP, RESP, Tax Free Savings Account! Become the bank and enjoy the returns today !

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Our goal is to help you, our clients to get the best advice and deals for your needs. Real Estate Insider VIP Club was formed to help you achieve your financial success so join our other VIP members in the success!

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