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Join Our Rent To Own Program And Become A Home Owner Today. Give Your Family The Home They Deserve Today!


In order for us not to “spam” you with SMS/Emails about properties that you might not be interested in, please customize your wants & desires below:

The Rent To Own Program That Works For You !

Our rent-own-program helps you own the home you want today. It’s great for self-employed, new immigrants, and anyone working to rebuild their credit. We tailor solutions for every client.

Benefits to Rent to Own

  • Build equity while living in your own home.
  • Say good-bye to paying rent.
  • Pride in home ownership – you are the owner NOW!
  • Rebuild your credit.


What We Do

  • Help you move into a permanent home of your choice.
  • Require an initial deposit towards your new home to get you started (Min 4% Deposit)
  • Customize a program and home that best suit your needs.
  • Work with you to build your final deposit.
  • Flexible deposit building options to ensure your home ownership.

Your Responsibilities

  • Make your monthly payment on time.
  • Provide insurance on your possessions (content insurance)
  • Pay the utility bills.
  • Maintain the maintenance of your new home.
  • Follow the program to save your final deposit.
  • Rebuild your credit if needed.
  • Meet for an annual review to make sure you’re on track to successfully exit the program. We will help you make any adjustments so you can exit the program smoothly and on time.

Our Rent To Own Programs & Requirements:

Our Regular Rent To Own For Salary Income Requirements:

  • 4-7% Of Purchase Price
  • First & Last Months Payment
  • 2 IDS
  • Rental Agreement With Option To Buy
  • Meet with our team to build both your financial picture and rent to own program.

Our Self Employed Rent To Own Program Requirements:

  • 5-15% Of Purchase Price
  • First & Last Months Payment
  • 2 IDS
  • Rental Agreement With Option To Buy
  • Meet with our team to build both your financial picture and rent to own program.


Each program is custom tailor to your exact needs to ensure a solution to fit your exact needs.

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Become a VIP Member Today With Our Rent To Own Program & Become A Home Owner Now!

Who is Rent to Own for?

Anyone struggling to buy a home may qualify for our rent-to-own program. Here are some situations that may have kept you from becoming a home owner that our program can fix:

  • Bad Credit History But Strong Income
  •  New in Canada
  • Issues Saving A Down Payment
  • Prior Judgments or Collections
  • Prior Foreclosure Or Power of Sale
  • Self Employed
  • Previously Bankruptcy Or Consumer Proposal
  • The New Banking Mortgage Rules
  • High Rates and Fees Associated With Private Lending
Rent To Own
Rent To Own

Traditional Rental Vs. VIP Insider Rent to Own Program

Our rent to own program gets you and your family into your dream home faster with easier criteria then traditional mortgages. As a renter, you’re paying your landlord’s mortgage. With our rent to own program, you’re building equity with every payment. Other benefits include:

  • Smaller Down Payments.
  • Lower Credit Score Accepted – We help Rebuild your credit !
  • Purchase price is Locked Upfront – Prevents Price Rise
  • The Freedom To Live Like A Home Owner, Because You Own The Home !

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Client Success Stories

Our goal is to help our clients find and purchase top quality homes that will meet their family’s needs. We aim to provide the best service and advice to make home ownership stress free and enjoyable. The Real Estate Insider VIP Club was created to help our clients achieve financial success ! We invite you to join us today !

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